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Ayden Hector WSU

Ayden Hector WSU has showcased his academic prowess on the football field. As a vital Colorado State Rams football team member, he remains deeply entrenched in the passion for the sport that ignited during his formative years. His standout performances as a defensive back have earned him coveted all-conference honors, an impressive feat accomplished in just seven games. The 2022 season bore witness to his ascendancy as a defensive leader. Tallying 24 tackles and securing three interceptions throughout the season, his prowess reached its zenith on October 7, 2022, with a memorable display: 8 tackles, an interception, and a return touchdown. With three years of eligibility ahead, he eagerly anticipates a fruitful 2023 season, contributing to the program's growth and success.

Beyond sports and academia, Ayden's dedication to community service shines. During his high school years at Eastside Catholic in Washington, he spearheaded the B.Box initiative, orchestrating the delivery of monthly birthday boxes to homeless shelters catering to teenagers. His commitment endures as he collaborates with Colorado State University's on-campus food pantry to ensure the continuity of B.Box's philanthropic mission. His volunteerism extends to diverse causes, including Pick 6—an organization fostering leadership skills and self-confidence in youngsters through flag football. His benevolence also encompasses supporting cancer research via participation in Relay for Life and assisting people experiencing homelessness through the Tent City organization. He Hector WSU's remarkable contributions have earned him recognition on a grand scale. The All-American Bowl honored him as a nominee for the "Man of the Year" award, reserved for a select few who magnanimously uplift their communities.


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